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Customer Success

Training to convert salespeople from order takers to experts in their products.

Online, facilitated training that allowed participants around the world to strengthen their presentation skills.

Converted elearning development to a focus on the learner and away from marketing messages.

Encourage sales representatives, many of whom who had sold a consumable product for decades, to embrace and sell a new service.

Thought Leadership

We're passionate about training, presentations, and communication.  One way express that is by sharing our ideas twice a week on Train Like a Champion. In everything we do, we always come back to the idea that people who present, people who train, people who are responsible for the learning of others should go “all out” when they are preparing. The learners deserve everything you have to give. And we see the blog as one of the ways we can help everyone “train like a champion”.

Visit the Train Like a Champion blog to see our latest insights.

Customer Appreciation

"Humentum was fortunate to be able to work with Endurance Learning for our recent all-hands, multi-day retreat as the first joint event for the merger of our three organizations. ...
We strongly recommend Endurance Learning and Brian Washburn as he helped our team every step of the way to create a successful event from design to execution. ... As a facilitator, Brian was well prepared and understood the unique requirements and needs of this retreat. He was able to manage the delicate balance of ensuring the time we spent together was productive while having fun and keeping over 60 people engaged at a point of organizational and personal change for all attending. Our team enjoyed working with Brian and we would be thrilled to partner with him and Endurance Learning for future events."

Tom Dente

"We worked with Endurance Learning to build online training courses to strengthen knowledge and application of standardized clinical processes and protocols which can definitely be dry material. Tim was a great thought partner in helping us think through what was most relevant while also identifying creative ways to make interacting with the material engaging for users."

Jana Smith
Director of Health Services (Former)
Pro Mujer
"It would be impossible to overstate the value of Endurance Learning's contribution to Express Oil Change & Tire Engineers, because their influence extends far beyond the CMTS program they created. The ideas and principles we learned from Brian and Tim are reshaping our existing training curriculum and they are guiding how we will develop new content.

Simply put, Endurance Learning is the best in the business, and you will not find any company with more personable professionals than Brian Washburn and Tim Waxenfelter."

Randy W. Harris
John Maxwell Certified Speaker/Coach/Trainer
VP of Training, Development & Compliance
Express Oil Change & Tire Engineers

"I have been following with great interest Endurance Learning's trajectory since the organization's earliest days, and our association has benefited immensely from two staff development retreats that Tim and Brian staged for us. Word of Endurance Learning's excellence is getting around, and my advice is that if you are looking for expert help in strategy, organizational development, or communications, get started soon to develop the tailored training that is just right for your organization."

Edward Liebow
Executive Director
American Anthropological Association

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